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Parachute covers for Drag Racing Cars

Here you have a parachute cover for drag racing cars. You may not know, but when you drag race your car can be so powerful and fast it needs a parachute on its back to help stop the car. Parachutes can't get wet or they will not perform. 

A racer tried to find parachute covers online to protect his parachute (until then they were all covering their parachutes with garbage bags) but could not find anything. 

Knowing I sew and embroidered he asked me if this could be something I could create for him and all Vengeance Racing's customers.

I was super excited about this new project and after taking measurements and pictures I went back to my shop and created them. 

Now all the parachutes are protected with a personalized cover!

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Sometimes you have a great idea but not the right tools to make it happen. If it involves sewing and/or embroidery, ask us and we'll gladly help.